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Introducing our Custom Voting Page – This product is designed to make it easier for your customers to vote for you!

Your Custom Voting Page will have a unique URL making it easy for customers to find and vote for you. Example: VoteRiverValley.com/YourBusinessName


Once they arrive, they'll be greeted with your banner and only the categories you're nominated in. This makes it quick and effortless for them to cast their votes, without having to navigate the entire ballot.

You can add as many categories as you want on your page, with the initial page including five categories you're nominated in. Plus, after someone votes for you, they'll be redirected to any website of your choice, like your homepage, a special promotion, or a thank you page.

All votes are tallied using the same rules as the main ballot, and your guests can vote once per day. This means you'll get a fair chance to win in all categories you're nominated in.

Make it easy for your customers and fan base to vote for you with our Custom Voting Page. Share it on your social media, email blasts, websites, takeaways, receipts, and more. Try it out and see the difference it can make for your business!

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